Armor Plate Cork Systems is based in Arizona with decades of experience applying spray applications. Armor Plate Cork Systems was designed to protect homes and commercial properties from not only elements but high electric bills with an all-natural solution that is great for the environment 


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Armor Plate Cork Systems provides a Thermal Corking Solution that allows us to coat residential and commercial projects with up to 30 colors!


Perfect application!

“We are very satisfied with the Thermal Cork Shield that your firm installed over existing cement stucco, comprising approximately 3000 square feet of our residence. The finish is beautiful and has addressed the deteriorating appearance of the stucco.”

Andrew D.

Home Owner. 

Excellent company!

“I was very happy with his workmanship and communication with me every step of the way.  I am very happy with the result.  I recommend him to anyone no matter how picky they are.  Thanks again for getting me in touch with him and thank you for your product.”

George B.

Business Owner 

Reliable prices!

“We had your Thermal Corkshield applied to our house, which is aluminum sided. The application process was professional, every care was taken to ensure a flawless end result. The end results are a  very pleasing look. Corkshield is very durable and virtually has no maintenance.”

Mark H.

Home Owner 

Benefits of Thermal Corking

Armor Plate Cork Systems offers superior properties to stucco and paint. Our product saves our customers thousands on utility bills and much more

How is the product applied?

Thermal CorkShield is applied onto the surface using a textured sprayer by one of our certified applicators.

How many colors are available?

We currently have 30 colors to choose from, custom colors are available upon request.

Is there a warranty?

The warranty has just gone up from 10 years to 15 years given our past performance we were able to raise it just this year!!!

Benefits of Thermal Corking

Armor Plate Cork Systems Thermal Corking Spray is the most advanced green energy product on the market. Apply the functionality of cork to your home to provide environmentally friendly thermal insulation, sound absorption, and weather protection. 

Over 20 Colors

Want a color we don’t have? We can custom order any color! 


15 Year Warranty

We offer a 15-year warranty on all our products

Reduces Electric Bill

Reduces heat of your home allowing for lower electric 

Mold Resistant

Never worry about mold on the exterior of your home again.

Fire Retardant

Help protect your home by slowing the spread of any fire 


No trees are cut down to create our product 


Thermal Corking Insulation 

Dedicated to having the highest cork concentration in America! Our products are breathable and last longer than Stucco and Paint.

Reduces Electric Bills

More Durable than paint, and includes a 15 year warranty

Improve your home exterior and eliminate maintenance

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